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Questions concerning about the Boges

Dear Audi zealots,

	Sorry to bring up this topic again, but I am kinda .......???

	I am about to change my 5kcst's shocks this month, and I am
already made up my mind to replace all conners to boge's shock. I've 
learned that boge's gas shocks have two model on the market, Turbo gas & 
Pro gas, but I really have no idea which one would be suitable for my 87
5kcst. I don't want much, I just want my car's handling a little better 
than stock and not too harsh when hitting the potholes. So, below is my 
few questions:

1. What is the difference between Pro gas and Turbo gas? Which one is 

2. I've learned from the list that boge didn't make any gas shock for the
   5k's rear. But, while I called for the price this morning; the sales told
   me that boge did make Turbo gas, not Pro gas, shock for 5k's rear. So, is 
   that true? Anyone tried it before?

3. Is there any stuff I should replace when changing the shocks? Strut 
   bearing? Bump stop? Any bushing?

4. My car now has about 95k on it. Is that also an appropriate time to 
   replace the outer end tie rods ?

5. According to the needs I mentioned above, Turbo gas or Pro gas?  

It would be so nice if someone be kind to answer my questions. In fact,
I really hope I could slove the suspensions problem as soon as possible. 
You know, those potholes really hurt my car when I drive to school :~(

>>Thank You 
	Very Much<<

Albert Ng
'87 5kcst