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Re: I got the TQC!

At 01:21 PM 1/31/96 EST, you wrote:
>    Congrats on you purchase John!
>        I know you are already having problems, but I know you will have a lot
>of fun with this car!  It is also good to know the person you bought the car fr
>om and you know it's been well taken care of.  He is probably an honest guy who
>just had an honest problem with the car.

I know Bruce is a honest and fair man.  If something was ever wrong with
this car, he had it fixed, no expense was spared (except for a new wastegate
diaphram, but you have to admit buying a whole wastegate when only the
diaphram is bad is excessive!).  The repair bills over the years are several
inches high.  I'm a little bummed about the pulsing because I don't have
time to fix it right now (or even time to drop it off with my mechanic) so
in the garage it sits!

>       I just wanted to aske you....Are the headlights that are on the car now
>the quad lights?..in other words, do they have two smaller lights on each side
>instead of one whole unit? 

They're not the quad lights.  They are the euro version of the lights that
appeared on the '85-'87 4ksq and gt coupes (single big light with yellow
marker lights).

 And, are these lights actually euro-lights or are t
>hey the stock US lights?  If they are the quad lights, I think the individual l
>ights and lenses can be replaced or upgraded quite cheaply.

I have a set of the euro quad lights as well.


John Karasaki

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