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The Snowboard Trip

The Snowboard Trip

Just got back into Portland a few hours ago from a snowboard trip to Mt.
Bachelor, Oregon.  I knew the roads were going to be terrible and at least
studded tires were required so I put the studded tire set from the 4ksq we
just sold on the 5ksw and off we went.  The wagon handled wonderfully.  No
drama at all during the trip.  Strangely enough, the car felt much more
stable and sure-footed at 50 to 60 MPH on icy roads than at 30 to 40 MPH.
The only explanation I came up with was that at 50+ MPH the ice rutted,
bumpy road did not upset the vehicle.  Just setup a turn, turn in at the
apex and swoosh right through the turns.  At slower speeds on the same roads
(following Explorers) the ruts made the wagon feel a little "loose".  I felt
very comfortable when I was at the head of the pack and could setup turns
and brake only on the straight sections of roads.

Any comments?  BTW, the Tiger Paw studded tires worked great.

P.S. Thanks to Scott M. for the light reading.


John Karasaki

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