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Re: No more CD blabber!!!

In a message dated 96-02-04 23:19:17 EST, you write:

>I really like this list, but can we keep things a little more mature and

Being mature and objective gives me a headache  - I own a tq so I can have a
steath toy that surprises the crap outa people (immature).  If I wanted to be
objective, rational, etc, I would own a adnoH and be bored to tears (been
there, done that)
>A friend once told me, when speaking of opinions:
>"Opinions are like a**holes...everybody has one."
added to that - "yours is just bigger than others"  (I've used that one - to
my regret)

Have to agree with you though...

With all DUE respect (love that one)

Dave Head