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Re: Vermont q listers - need your help


FYI, the $600 is about what you'd expect to pay to title your $10,000 car 
in WV.  It replaces sales tax on the purchase and is called a "use tax".  
It's almost criminal!! :-(

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996 ScottB2460@aol.com wrote:

> My SiL just registered her 1990 100q in Vermont, she lives in Northfield.
>  She told me it cost her $600!!!  Does this sound correct?  If so, I would
> hate to know what a 95/96 A6/S6 would cost.  I do know she would get some tax
> discount when/if she sells her current 86 acura within 90 days of purchasing
> the Audi, but that discount is not very much, so I am told.
> I have not had the opportunity to ask her if she gave the DMV an incorrect
> model or model year, which would skew things, but wanted to know if this
> sounded correct.  I do know Vermont is the only state which elected a
> socialist represenative in the Congress, maybe this explains the states tax
> situation!  Appreciate any information.
> Scott
> 89 200tq

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