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Re: Unsubscribe.


Chris' response may have been a bit harsh, but in fairness, it should be
pointed out that your misspelled request was also sent to the wrong address.
You sent it to <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>.  It should have been sent to

Yours was perhaps the fiftieth such incorrectly addressed unsubscribe
command received by the entire list in the last three weeks or so.
Instructions on how to unsubscribe were sent to you and to everyone else
when you/they subscribed to the list.  If I recaLL CORRECTLY IT WAS STRONGLY
CAME TO UNSUBSCRIBE.  (Oops.  Sorry.  The caps lock got stuck - didn't mean
to be shouting.)  You, along with MANY others did not apparently do this.
If you had been reading your mail, I'm sure you would have seen numerous
complaints about this problem from many other members of this list (myself
included), not just Chris.

I have quietly and privately responded to most of these incorrectly
addressed requests by replying with an alternate .sig file (below) without
calling more attention to the error.  There have even been a few "thank you"
responses.  I believe I may have similarly responded to your request also,
but perhaps not.  If it came in while I was at my office I probably didn't.

Anyway, David, the fault for your irritation is not entirely Chris'.  

By the way, majordomo is a computer program, not a human and therefore lacks
emotions and warm fuzzy friendly feelings.  It is a robot which simply
processes commands sent to it provided they are in a recognizable format.

Please feel welcome to subscribe to the quattro-digest.  You do it through
majordomo.  See the .sig file below.

At 07:14 PM 2/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I wanted to unsubscribe to a mailing list and "mispelled" my request and 
>would you believe this the response that was mailed out by an 
>erolflyn@interaccess.com wrote:
>> To be honest with you three, We'd LOVE to have you
>> unsubscribe.  If you maintain your cars they way you
>> read instructions, you advice would be somewhat, well...
>> dubious at best.  Read the same instructions you used
>> to sign up, that should give you a few hints.
>> ...and quit getting Unka' Bart riled, his heart ccan't
>> take it...
>> Chris.
>> -84 '4ks
>> -71 Norton Commando
>> -87 Virago 535
>Well excuse us for having a couple of typo's but it really is sad to see 
>this attitude from a busy mailing list.  All other readers beware if you 
>say the wrong thing you are going to get flamed by someone who is more 
>"intelligent" than you.  I really hope that majordomo at the quattro 
>mailing list doesn't this feeling? Friendly....  I was considering 
>subscribing to the digest but like I said if the majordomo condones this 
>type of attitude too bad.
>	David Templeton
>	davidt@opentext.com

To (un)subscribe from/to the quattro list:

semd mail to:  


with the following message:

	(un)subscribe quattro

If you get the digest version, the above commands should read:

	unsubscribe quattro-digest