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Discourse on Unsubscription in General

> By the way, majordomo is a computer program, not a human and therefore lacks
> emotions and warm fuzzy friendly feelings.  It is a robot which simply
> processes commands sent to it provided they are in a recognizable format.

Ur... umm... where does those fuzzy logic thangs fall under? (:

But, anyway -- although we know that computers don't have no feelings and 
all, but following those "unsubscribe" on this Audi list you would think 
twice. There are people who started with "emotionless" with syntax 
worthy of recogition by majordomo, but followed more "unsubscribe" 
messages with "please" and such (of course, there are also people who 
take the other course and begin to kusse and moannabitch on whatever 
that's on the receiving end)...

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