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Re: Your shipment/RAD

In a message dated 96-01-31 16:36:00 EST, you write:

>If it is for a 5000tq like yours and mine (87 5000 tq) then gopher-it if 
>you think we can get it for $50 or less. Any way for us to be relatively
>certain it doesn't leak??  Do you need $$$ soon or do you want
>to arrange to meet sometime when we come down. I can have my dad send more
>dollars as I was to call him tonight to tell him to send the first $5.

It's on a reg 5KS - I'll check the year, since some cross over.  I believe
all 5KS - T - TQ radiators are the same 86-88 (could be wider)  Comments from
the gallery...

Dave Head