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Re: 87 5KCSTQ Odometer/Temp guage repair

In a message dated 96-02-01 21:17:37 EST, you write:

>Tell me about it! How expensive are they?  They must be cheap,
>although-with Audi...
I have no idea - I get 'em free from the junk yard...  You need some?

>have you been experiencing the problem with the temp. gauge working/not
>working randomly? 
I posted a lot of info on this, fighting with mine.  First off, the sensor
has nothing to do with the fan controls...That is all done via the one in the
bottom of the radiator, the Climate Control (AC), and the after run time
delay relay.  Your sender is probably bad - they are common to act up
(electronics next to an engine, and poor soldering).  A new one runs $45.00
dealer, and as low as $34.00 elsewhere.  I don't have the # handy (369L) but
I can find it for you.  The connector gets brittle, but there are plenty out
in junkyards - I don't know if you can get one new.  I expect your problem is
the sender - I usta tap mine with a wooden handled screwdriver before I
finally found a good one for 10.00 in a yard...

Dave Head - Orlando FL (86 degrees today)