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Re: 87 5KCSTQ Odometer/Temp guage repair

Temp gauge intermittent operation has ALWAYS been a sender problem on all the
five cyliders we have seenand we do stock them!

We reccomend Overseas Speedometer Repair of Texas.  (800)-444-0292
Reasonable prices and units serviced and returned same day received!

Check out our website @ http://www.selecttr.com

Joel Osserman, proprietor
Select Transportation-#4 buyer VW/Audi off-lease USA-1993
0685 Waterloo-Geneva Rd.
Waterloo, NY  13165
(315)-789-9368 phone (315)-789-9018 fax

Always a choice of 60+, 1990+ off-lease VW/Audi for sale
Factory trained techs for VW/Audi service
Exceptional OE Manufacture New Parts inventory
20+ parts vehicles--You pull used parts-good prices
    but not a licensed dismantler-maor items must be exchanged!