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Re: Door locks


Drive her the 90 miles, she (the car) won't know the difference.  You are 
describing the symptoms of AT LEAST a failed accumulator--the cause of the 
fluid backing out of the cap.........but the average Audi 5000 had at least 
three of them go bad at average replacement cost of $400. parts and labor!  
Please remember that there is only one accumulator on the vehicle.

Before I go any further, we were the FOURTH LARGEST buyer of VW/Audi 
off-lease USA-1993, so the Audi line is at least 50% of our livlihood but the 
5000....well, our buyer bought the last one we allowed him to in 1991.  We 
performed $2500. AT COST, imagine the retail value of those repairs, on the
SHITBOX, and placed it in the Packwood Road Club, where we just managed to 
sell a 1987 Nissan Sentra with strut towers you could push your index finger 
through to an ambitious new driver, and currently have a 1975 Dodge van, a 
real quality group of vehicles<G>, parked apart from our main line which all 
carry a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty.

Well, we replaced the battery once a year as they became sulphated.  Finally, 
I hired a ?gentleman?--I'll need clearance for using that word (maybe even 
traction)--as office manager and his X-thousand cc motorcycle with bad 
generator wouldn't get him the 4.2 miles to work in the wintertime, so we gave 
him the bitch to drive--I'm using that word to describe a car, not to insult 
any female readers!  A year later, we decided to register the car and our 
request for SHITBOX personalized plates was turned down, as was SH-TBOX--the 
DMV girls had the idea, so we settled for SKITBOX and a photo of that license 
plate smattered with bugs adorns our network file server which smiles in his 
face almost as often as the 5000. 

But seriously, if you squeeze the rack boots which are designed to keep dirt 
out of the rack, you are sure to have a sexually exciting experience squeezing 
the juice cups which are just waiting to explode and allow that Pentosin 
CHF 11,2S to leak to the ground at $18. a liter or so.  So you replace the rack 
for the third time and the PS pump twice, three times if you overtighten the 
belt, the brake servo once or twice, each of the power window/sunroof/central 
locking components a couple of times, drill out the broken exhaust manifold 
studs after you remove the head and replace them all--even planing the exhaust 
manifold to keep unusual pressure off the studs...the ATF and 90W have mixed 
together, trashing both the automatic transmission and the differential and 
so you have the units replaced and you have the recall performed where the 
90W is replaced with synthetic at the dealership because the 90W allegedly 
evaporated which could cause final drive to lock up on thruway creating the 
hazard of another vehicle crashing into your rear end and thus possibly taking 
the 5000 off the road and giving you the grounds to SUE someone to recover 
some portion of the cost of repairs to keep the 5000 on the road thus far!!! 

The good news is that the vast majority of these defects were all but 
eliminated in the later generation of Audi 100--89,90,91 and finally gone 
altogether by the time 92 came around....allowing Audi the honor of ranking 
third most reliable car--1989 model owners polled in 1994--after 5 years of 
ownership in a study conducted by  J.D.Powers last year.  Quite a change from 
the four letter words older Audi owners shared with YUGO, FIAT and the like.

Finally, in the later 90's, Audi was allowed to remove the ZEROS from its model 
descriptions altogether...A4  A6 et al.

So, enjoy your ride, only you can decide when to get off.............

P.S.>   The SKITBOX still litters the road, even after that bearded computer 
guru tried to destroy her by backing into a telephone pole!  She now wears a 
red trunk lid directing all around her to the storage area for ATF/Pentosin 
et al.

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Joel Osserman, proprietor
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