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Re: Door locks

If you have a door tht will not open, DO NOT, as some have suggested, 
remove fender or ...... Instead, open another door on the car and look at the 
latch.  Using a phillips screwdriver manually activate the latch while door 
is open, much as the striker pin on door post activates the latch.  You will
observe that the latch has a "finger" that wraps around the pin.  Notice that
at 6:00 position there is a tab which holds the latch shut. (Operate door
handle or inside door release and relatch (manually) a few times so you are
farmiliar with how latch works.)  Usind a lond--about 18" thin screwdriver 
ideally, depress this tab and latch will open.  Again, perorm several times
so you are farmiliar with operation.

Now go to the inside of door/doors that will not open.  One at a time, 
stareting at top of the door 12:00, pull down rubber headliner retaining trim
with door seal (a screwdriver helps you start at the first point) and pull the seal
counterclockwise to 8:00 position.  You will notice the light coming in and 
see the latch at 12:00.  Using a good light source and that long thin 
screwdriver, press down "tab" on latch and the door is open.  Sometimes, a 
tap of a hammer will help release a frozen latch.  Once open, remove door 
handle by popping off trim with flat blade screwdriver near rear of handle.
Remove the phillips head screw at outside of handle and one above latch, at
rear of handle.  Remove latch with two 6 or 5mm hex (allen) head bolts and
pulling down and outward to 3:00 position. The inside door lock pull sleeve 
will slide off and the door opener hinkage will be hooked on release lever. 
Using a pocket screwdriver lock thie release lever in open position by 
inserting in 1/4" sqare hole in bottom inner area of latch.

With latch in hand, remove pocket screwdriver and manually simulate lock
operation, freeing any frozen parts with your favorite penetrant WD-40 or
whatever.  Pay careful attention to small (like bic pen) return spring which
tends to rust and break (we stock stainless steel replacements for $5.00 or 
visit your local hardware store) and is located vertically at rear lower area 
of latch.  Once latch is working, clean off all lubricant corraosion residue 
with brakeleen or whatever solvent.  Once evaporated lubricate inner workings
of latch with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID.  We have tried every type of oil, 
never seize and the like and ATF seems to work smoothest.  Lubricate the 
handle inner workings the same way.

You then reassemble and test latch operation WITH DOOR OPEN simulating
operation as you did to learn how the latch worked!  You probably never felt
a handle or latch that worked so smoothly.  We likely stock and can UPS any
needed parts to complete the job.

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