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Bosch wipers

  Is it just me, or do these Bosch wipers suck immensly? On my '90 100 I 
put two new 'frames' ( not just blades ) on, about 9 months ago. The 
clips that hold the various pieces together do not clip well, they let 
ther pieces slide around, so then the blades will come out of the end, 
and the metal re-enforcements in the blade fall out, the blade comes out 
of it's slot, and then the end of the wiper-frame will make metal-glass 
screeching noises against my wiendshield. This sucks.
  This has been going on for some time ( ~7 months ) with my right wiper, 
so I just taped certain parts of it to stop this. Now however, my left 
wiper has done it too, and this pisses me off.. I would return them, but 
I lost the reciept. ( doh! )
  Did I mention that they dont hold the blade flat aganst the window?

instead of being  |           they are     |
                  |<                       |!_
                  |                        | 

do you see what I'm saying? N ot perpindicular, one face is flat or 
almost flat. 

So what the hell id the deal with this? If it's Bosch and it doesn't cost 
less than two hundred bucks, it sucks? 

brooks    '   Calm down boy ...settle it down   '

BTW - does anyone have a good method for keeping the ice from collecting 
on the blade? It always drips down the windshield onto the blade, where 
it freezes. This wouldn't be a problem except when it freezes there when 
I am driving. Plus, If I lift the wipers up to bang the ice off of them, 
I runa risk of having them fall apart..in the freezing cold this sucks.