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Someone's upset!

      Yes, I agree!

      And it's funny how Psycho Bob mentioned that Car and Driver was becoming
more like Consumer Reports.  Obviously they don't think so....one of the last p
ages in it was called "Etc." and it had a mock-up cover of Consumer Reports in
it....making fun of them for being so safety conscious.  It had the title of th
ier mock up mag as "Consumer Reports: the magazine for wusses" and it had all k
inds of warnings against dangerous hood ornaments, and how you could poke your
eyes out with vaious objects in the car...and stuff like that.

     Or, maybee that was "Road and Track"....I get the two confused.  Anybody e
lse.  They look exactly the same, are the same thickness, and test the same exa
ct cars every month!  Are they really the same magazine rebadged?..kinda like t
he Mitsu 3000 and the Dodge Stealth?

    Although I do read both of these magazines and do find some of the stuff in
 "Crap and Dravel" interesting and fun to read, I do get really annoyed with th
em always rating Hondas as number one, and still not letting Audi live it up.
I enjoy certian sections of each.  I enjoy Peter Egan's "Side Glances" in R&T.
And, BTW, R&T had Audi on it's top ten list a few times!  In 1987, they said "w
hen will the rest of the automotive world bow down to Audi, for the 5000CS turb
bo quattro is the most technically sophistocated four door sedan in the world (
period)."  Not bad, eh?  I like that one too.  But, it seems they forget about
ever writing that nowadays.

    And, How many Minivan tests do we have to read!!!  I mean really....Isn't t
hat what Consumer Reports is for?  How many minivan buyers are going to be read
ing C&D and R&T anyways?  I just hate that.  And did anyone else notice how the
y all praised the ovloV T5-R like it was so revolutioary and great for a wagon,
when the (much better IMHO) Audi S6 wagon went for the most part unoticed!  I t
hink that would have been a great comparison test!  Plus, Volvo obviously just
looked at Audi's 20V turbo I-5, copied it and threw it into an 850 wagon!

   And Motor Trend is just a joke! Need I say more.  That is by far the worst o
f all the auto mags!  I lost respect for them (what little I had) when they nam
ed the Chevrolet Caprice LTZ the Motor Trend Car of the Year in 1991!  Was that
some kind of joke or something...I guess not!  They are the joke!  And all the
other automotive magazines make fun of them.  Did anyone ever see that spoof of
Motor Trend R&T or C&D (sorry, I get 'em confused) did a few years back?  It wa
s a suppliment in one of thier mags and was called "Moto Rooter" and man, it wa
s hillarious!  On the cover they had a picture of a Trabant and a dog running p
ast it, and it had the contents listed on the cover as well...some of them were
like "We test 100 cars and everyone of them gets our appoval....we ask why?" an
d "the Trabant...Motor Rooter's Car of the Year!"  Any ways they had like a min
i mag making fun of Motor Tred in one of thier regular issues and it was pretty

     And, hey, at least one of the magazines is on our side!  Automobile Magazi
ne had the Audi A4 as one of the '96 All Stars....right in the front!