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5KTQ Stuff...small stuff.

     I have a few minor questions for you listers:

     1. I am going to replace some of those squeaky belts this weekend.  Most o
f them are just really old (who knows how old....they were on there when I boug
ht the car).  I was just wondering whether or not it would be OK for me to use
belts from NAPA or someplace like that....they have Gates which is a good brand
, or do I have to go to the dealer and bend over for one of thier belts?

     2. Should I do anything to the tensioners and pulleys while changine the b
elts, like clean or lubricate them, or should I just make sure they are torqued
down right and are tight?

     3. For my squeaky brakes, it was reccomended that I pull the pads off, and
 clean them real well, and the backing, and apply some anti-squeak creme (someo
ne reccomended some stuff called Disc Quiet), and that should take care of my p
roblem, right?  Anything else I should look at?  And, I heard there are these s
tick on type of dampening pads that work a lot like that gel, but are supposedl
y better...where would I get some of these, and would y'all reccomend them over
the gel/creme type stuff?  Or, does this not make a darn bit of difference and
I am just wasting valuable list space for useless garbage?  Thank you...any adv
ice would be appreciated...I am kinda knew at a lot of this stuff.