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Audi Styling...con'td


         I have seen a few artists renderings of what the new A6 is going to lo
ok like.  Now keep in mind, these renderings are based on spy photos of test mu
les and prototypes, but they usually seem to look very simmilar to the car that
 comes out a year or two later.  Anyways, the sketches I have seen on the new A
udi A6 look great!  They are going more in that A4 style, but keeping some of t
he 500 conservative characteristics!  It looks great, and much more sporty look
ing than the bland A6 we have now (sorry, but it is kinda bland).

        This new A6 model is currently under testing in Germany and should come
 to the U.S. sometime in the fall of 1997.  That is also when we should see ano
ther real fast Audi (replacement for the S4/S6) with the 300 hp 30 valve (5V pe
r cylinder) turbocharged V6 motor!  Man, I can't wait for that!  Let's see Volv
o try to touch that....I didn't think so!  ;)