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Forces of Darkness

The subject would have been "lights" but that's boring.

In the piecemeal process that is my euro-light swap I decided to measure a few
things.  The "Funky lights" that I wrote about earlier from J.C. Whitney have an
advertised size of "approx 5 1/4 wide by 2 high".  This is pretty darn near
exactly the size of the turn signals on my '91 200 20v TQW.  From an idea from
Jeff Goggin (Audidudi) I also checked to see if the turn signals could be moved
into the useless "parking light" spot on the inboard side of the turbo lights:
the wires are long enough and the sockets are the same.  Put an amber bulb in
the turn signal socket, stick the turn signal socket in the "parking light"
spot; install the "funky lights" from the JC Whitney catalog and.....voila: darn
near instant "factory-ish" fog(?) lights.

Drawbacks: may be illegal, the turn signal could be washed out by the headlight,
the JC whitney lights could be crap and very difficult to aim and/or mount, the
"approx" dimensions from the catalog may be just that.

Advantages: clean install, protected lights, H3 bulbs, cheap, easy to reverse.

Joe Yakubik