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Forces of Darkness II

Lights for sale:

After the swap to euro lights the following lights are up for sale

One pair Bosch halogen Driving lights:  includes two lights and brackets, one
relay, one relay holder, electrical fittings and one non-factory switch.  No
wires (sorry).  These were on my car for about six months and worked very well
as extra high beams.  They are in "good" condition, with very minor pitting and
a scratch/scuff on one light (clipped a traffic cone). 7 long x 3 1/2 high x 3
$25 plus mailing cost

One pair Hella XL's: used less than one month.  These are in "as new" condition,
the only part installed were the lights.  This is the kit from APS for $105.
These are very good aux low beams.  They have a range as far as the stock (US)
high beams, but with a cleaner, whiter light.  They are back in the original
box, the harness still has the rubber band on it.
Bargain at $50 plus shipping.

First offers accepted until Sunday night, Central European time, after that I
will be incommunicado for about a week, unsubscribed, and no mail checks, after
that the offer is back open

Shipping is at US postal rates

Joe Yakubik