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In charity, it should be pointed out that Peter Wales was responding to a
broadcast request for help from Bob Russell and did not initiate the list
communications himself.  Although his information could be construed as
advertising, in this instance he was acting, IMO, appropriately.

I agree with you that we don't want the list flooded with advertising but a
response to a genuine concern/question is not inappropriate.

At 08:49 AM 2/3/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> We have a range of springs for the Audi Turbos, from 10 PSI to 17 PSI. We
>> also have a stainless steel adjuster which fits into the top of the
>> wastegate housing to allow you to adjust the spring tension from outside. 
>Before we get a flurry of complaints... I generally do not allow
>advertising on this list but in this case it is a product that
>benefits us particularly, and one which I was unaware that Superchips
>carries.  In the future though, no advertising Peter.
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