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Re: trucks & Quattros

Sorry for the lack of timeliness.  Our mailer has been down for three days.

Except, Glen, in two or three feet of new snow free from blemish of 
tracks of other, taller, vehicles.  :-)  As much as I like my Audi 
Quattro, it ain't no snowplow.

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> One way to look at the relative handling benefits of Quattros Vs 4X4 trucks
> in snow/ice is to examine the relative handling of the vehicles on pavement.
> I believe that it is fair to say that Quattros readily outhandle all 4X4
> trucks on pavement. This superior handing translates directly to snow/ice
> performance as well, but possibly by some reduced handling differential factor.
> I know I'd rather ride up to the ski mountains in a smooth/quiet/efficient/fast/
> comfortable/great-handling/luxurious Quattro Vs a truck anyday!
> -glen

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