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Re: Studleeness

Hey Y'all,

There is at least one other disadvantage to driving with studs which I 
have not seen mentioned here.

Studs, on dry roads (as they are in my area much of the time), give much 
the same feel as driving on sand or grit.  They give the feeling of 
*LESS* traction on dry roads.  Imagine the feeling of driving on ball 
bearings.  :-(

I don't use 'em on my Q.  I see no need for them.  Now, let's talk about 
my bitter, er, uh, better half's Bimmer...  She needs studs on all four 
corners just to keep the car on the pavement in snow.  :-)  

BTW, anyone interested in an '85 325e with 121K miles for under $3K?  
Ooops!  Is that advertising?

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 96-02-08 13:12:13 EST, you write:
> >> 
> >> Absolutely NO studded tires were not allowed on the track.....
> >
> >that would take away all the fun, wouldn't it?  but what's the
> >real rationale for the rule?
> >
> >
> 1) the track would get eaten up, just like the roads they are allowed on, and
> 2) studs on ice would take the BX advantage away, and you learn nothing of
> EXTREME driving conditions while driving Studs, they have a single and
> express purpose which is traction, not control or chassis or braking or
> steering technique......   Studs, use 'em if you can, there is no think to
> driving with them.....  To use a snow under conditions as these helps you
> understand car CONTROL not just traction vs none....
> Scott

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