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Lights out

Hi Y'all,

Well, I can how tell you how far my '89 200TQ will run after the alternator
belt goes south.  The conditions, dark, narrow, nearly invisible, winding
mountain roads, heavy fog, fairly heavy rain, very little traffic so no
other headlites to make use of.

How far, you ask?  By turning everything off, including lights, radio,
heater, wipers, dome light, dash lights, and driving with my head out in the
35 degree rain, in order to conserve battery power, it made it 11.4 miles of
the 12.0 miles from where the belt disappeared to my home.  A bit of a hike
in the rain and fog, get an extension cord and battery charger and drive
back to the car in the droF Ranger 4x4 and charge the battery for a few
hours using power supplied by a kindly neighbor.  It should make it the rest
of the way home before bedtime.  :-(  I hope.

Yahoo!  It makes me feel like something right out of the Dukes of Hazard.
:-)  Or is it the Grapes of Wrath?

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