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Re: Forces of Darkness

> Drawbacks: may be illegal, the turn signal could be washed out by the
> headlight, the JC whitney lights could be crap and very difficult to aim
> and/or mount, the "approx" dimensions from the catalog may be just that.

I considered the JC Whitney lights for my installation but went with a pair
of late-model Camaro driving lights instead ... they were a lot more costly
($120) but fit perfectly and the lense is even angled to (nearly) match the
slope of the bumper while pointing straight ahead.  They work very well and
I'll be swapping them over to my 200tq once I finish getting it cleaned up,
which is a greater priority at the moment.

PS: I tried using an amber bulb in the parking light and the turn signal is
NOT washed out by the OEM headlights (which isn't surprising since even the
*stars* are brighter than they are!).

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