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Cadillac Ride'n'Drive...

For some reason, I was invited to the Cadillac Ride'n'Drive that's in town
for the weekend.  I decided it might make a nice family outing and invited
my parents to join me...

After a 20-minute introduction to the various cars, we were turned loose to
drive them around two different courses: the first, slower-speed course was
supposed to simulate in-town driving; the second course was a bit faster (I
managed to hit 45mph in a Seville STS) and supposed to simulate the highway
and/or "open road."  The courses were marked by pylons and would have given
an SCCA safety steward fits, so close did they come to various curbs, light
poles, potholes, etc. but they were still reasonably fun to drive.

In order to prevent people from getting in over their heads, Cadillac had a
few members of the Cadillac/LaSalle club on hand to accompany us around the
courses.  I was looking forward to thrashing on an STS but after seeing the
driver in front of me pull off the course after attacking a quick series of
corners so the "instructor" could puke out the door (honest!), I decided to
cool it and cruise around like everyone else.  I wonder if STEADIRIC and/or
PDQSHIP have ever had this happen to them?  ;^)

Still, I was fairly well impressed by the Seville STS.  It was pretty quick
in a straight line, had VERY impressive brakes and went around corners damn
well for the big pig that it is ... still, if I had $51k to spend on a car,
I know which performance sedan I'd buy and it isn't this one.  That said, I
must admit that my perception of Cadillacs did an about-face today ... keep
'em honest, Grayden: In a few years, they might just have something there!

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