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Re: Niggling electrical problems - n

> >  A small company called D.W. Electrochemicals (905.508.7500) has
> > developed a remarkable liquid called Stabilant 22 that allows even
> > dirty contacts to operate properly.

This product has been around for at least a decade and was originally used
by audiophiles as a contact enhancer.  I didn't much care for it when used
in that application but I've been using it on other electrical connections
since then (I still have my original bottle of the stuff!) and it seems to
work ... at least, it doesn't NOT work!

BTW, "D.W." are the initials of William Michael Dayton-Wright, who used to
make gas-filled electrostatic speakers under the Dayton-Wright brand name,
and whose reputation for customer service was spotty at best.  It probably
doesn't make any difference in this instance but thought I'd mention it...

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