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Availability of 5000 automatic tranny rebuild kits


A friend is a competent mechanic and a 1985 Audi 5000 turbo automatic owner.
He knows that the transmission is "starting" to go and is planning to rebuild
it himself.

He is looking for sources of the auto-tranny rebuild kits, other
than the Audi/VW dealers. Now here in Canada (at least here in Ottawa, Ont)
the aftermarket does not carry very much for Audi's and this is one item 
that "seems" to be dealer-only around here.

Have any list-members purchased such a rebuild kit, and could you suggest/
provide the vendor and cost of such a kit. I would welcome vendors on the
list to respond as well (but PLEASE, reply to me, not the whole list!).

dhuddles@gandalf.ca   David J. Huddleson   Gandalf Canada Ltd., Nepean, Ontario
                      (613) 274-6500 Days  (613) 822-1315 Otherwise