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Re: Help, Save My Audi

The experience this post describes...Dealer fishing in one's wallet, sounds
all too familiar to me.
I had similar experience with my local Audi dealer and finally swore off
using the Dealer for anything
        ...a strategy that works for me thanks to this Quattro discussion
group ;-)
Their main concern is racking up a bill... they've developed it to an art form.
They seem not very interested in fixing problems.
Based on my experience I feel certain their service advisor here works on
Does anyone know how common this is?   
I think it would be important to know when this is the case and would
immediately suspect any recommendations from a place that works this way.
Dave C., Columbus OH  
e-mail:  conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu   
currently maintaining: 1987 5000S,  1989 100