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Vacuum Metalizing - how to test

BTW - one place I called today (Phoenix, AZ) told me how to tell if the
process is vacuum metalizing or electroplate.
First - vacuum metalizing process doesn't flake off. Electroplate does.
2nd - he said clean it, then dip a q-tip in Laquer thinner and rub the chrome
- if it comes off its vacuum metalizing.

Most places are wary of doing reflectors because they don't hold up to the
elements (I heard time and again - we don't do outside components).  Once I
explain that they are covered/sealed they get relaxed.  Plus at $20.00 apiece
or less including shipping, I can do this a couple times as required...

Kinda explains why the stock reflectors don't hold up! So make sure you get
those gaskets...  The one reflector on mine in the worst shape is the one
that was missing the back cirlcular bulb/wiring cover.

Also, he said they would hold up to bulb heat w/no sweat.

Finally?, It probably wouldn't be too hard to have metal ones made from
brass, then plated...

Dave Head