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Re: vanity plates

Vanity plates. . . one of my favorite subjects!
When I got my '88 90Q three years ago, I put CA vanity plate RAUDI QT 
on it.
This has, of course, multiple meanings:

- Rowdy Cutie (OK I'm female)
- Rowdy QuaTtro
- ouR AUDI QuaTtro (had to calm down the husband)
- Red AUDI QuaTtro

I always said that when I replaced my 90Q it would have to be a red 
quattro so the plate would still work. . .

Well my '83 TQC is red and now proudly sports RAUDI QT,
although I was briefly tempted to keep both cars and label them


P.S. Still driving PERFECT. . . I first got that plate in 1978 for my 
first car, a '73 Pinto.  It has graced several Porsches since and now 
most appropriately adorns my '87 930.