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Euro Headlights for sale

Euro Headlights for sale.

I'm selling the spare set of euro headlights I have for my wagon.  These are
the BIG one piece assemblies that came out on the later 5000S non-turbo
cars.  The previous owner of our '84 wagon did a good job replacing the
stock four headlight setup with a set of these, so I know they will fit at
least the 1984 and newer non-turbo 5000's.

A couple of weeks ago, someone on the list asked me for the part numbers off
these lights.  Here you go:

Left (US driver's) headlight carrier:  1 305 235 071 L
Left (US driver's) headlight lens:  301-131 955 (many numbers on the lens
this is right under the "Hella" symbol)

Right (US passenger's) headlight carrier:  1 305 235 072 L
Right (US passenger's) headlight lens:  1 305 620 525 (many numbers on the
lens this is to the right of the "Bosch" symbol)

There is also a Bosch part sticker on each assembly:

Left:  0301 086 111
Right:  0301 086 112

Both are in very good condition.  The reflectors in both are in very good
shape.  The right has a thin line or rust along the non-reflecting seam
joint.  The left lens is excellent.   The right has a singular linear 6"
crack (hence the slight rust line).

I find it a bit odd that both have Bosch assembly numbers, but one has a
Hella lens (may be a replacement).

What's a good price for the pair?  I've never had to buy a pair new; as our
wagon come with the euro lights.  I'm open to reasonable offers, with a cut
off point in about a week or so.

For you TQC and 4000sq owners, in a couple of weeks (if I ever get a chance
to work on my TQC) I will be selling the pair of euro lights from my TQC
(look like the '85+ one piece lights but are euro).  Unfortunately,  the
left lenses of this pair is cracked also.

I'd appreciate any comments on either set (especially an explanation of what
all the different sets of numbers on the lenses mean).


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8