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Re: Euro Headlights for sale

In a message dated 96-02-10 18:58:34 EST, you write:

>I'm selling the spare set of euro headlights I have for my wagon.  These are
>the BIG one piece assemblies that came out on the later 5000S non-turbo
>cars.  The previous owner of our '84 wagon did a good job replacing the
>stock four headlight setup with a set of these, so I know they will fit at
>least the 1984 and newer non-turbo 5000's.

With grill change, they will also bolt in the turbos & tq - did mine (87 tq)
last week.  Ya lose the distinctive t/tq headlamp configuration, but I've
really grown to like it better - cleaner and less chrome (plus stealthier).
 I would say with the one cracked lens you should still get $150.00 to
$200.00 for the set, especially with reflectors in good shape as you say (if
you include the side markers).

Orig price 'bout $295.00 ea... (dealer)
Dave Head