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Schrick Cams-specs etc

Here are the specs on the Schrick Cams for installation to the V6 engine in the

260 degrees, 11.2 lift vs a stock 200 degrees and a 10.5 lift.

The installation was done with their throttle body and filter mod by, the one
and only:

Schaumberg Audi, see Craig Jones 708-843-9900 near Chicago/O'Hare.

As for those that feel that a perfectly smooth running car is a contradiction
in terms, promoting long life and reliability, instead of visceral longing to
be fixing, maintaining, repairing, praying to Audi gods, and other such useless
activities - Jones says he can go to about 270 degrees (of overlap) with the
same or some more lift and get more HP and lots more shaking.

So to those who want more for their A4/A6s, this is the only alternative that I
have seen on this list, that has been done in the US, delivered, meets EPA for
Illinois at least, and has some support from somebody willing to hang out an
Audi shingle. As opposed to the secret lurkers who talk about mods, but have
done zippo, and probably only have the capital to do zippo.

I have no connction etc with Schaumberg Audi. They are just a together sales
and service operation who also sell Subarus which probably represnts the most
unique commitment to the Q concept in the visible Audi US universe.