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Re: Schrick Cams-specs etc

At 08:29 AM 2/16/96 EST, you wrote:
>Here are the specs on the Schrick Cams for installation to the V6 engine in the
>260 degrees, 11.2 lift vs a stock 200 degrees and a 10.5 lift.

Seems fairly mild to me. I'm using the Schrick 272 Asymm on my 4000CSq
272 deg. on the intake and 268 deg on the exhaust side.  
The cam has 110 deg. lobe centers with an 11.2mm lift. 
Valve timing is 26 and 66 degrees for the intake 
and 24 and 64 degrees for the exhaust. 
Valve overlap is 50 degrees. 
This same profile is used for both 5 and 4 cylinder motors.

This cam idles quite smooth - even at altitude. Saw Ned Ritchies '84 4kq at
Steamboat. this car has the 276 Schrick and Idle does start getting rougher;
not as bad as I would have thought though.

>The installation was done with their throttle body and filter mod by, the one
>and only:
>Schaumberg Audi, see Craig Jones 708-843-9900 near Chicago/O'Hare.
>As for those that feel that a perfectly smooth running car is a contradiction
>in terms, promoting long life and reliability, instead of visceral longing to
>be fixing, maintaining, repairing, praying to Audi gods, and other such useless
>activities - Jones says he can go to about 270 degrees (of overlap) with the
think you meant duration ....... 
>same or some more lift and get more HP and lots more shaking.

The 272 assym is a fairly mild cam. Don't think you would get "lot" more
shaking esp. with a 6 cyl. Remember these cams were designed for CIS which
can't stand thumping overlap.  

In re-reading the review of the Schrick I wrote for the list (little over a
year ago) I found one area I need to correct. I reported that on cold
mornings it took a few moments to "shake the cobbs out" after starting. At
the time (it turns out) my temp sender was going bad and fooling the Control
pressure reg. into giving me a very rich condition. That fixed - all is well.

Bruce Bell