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Re:Wastegate springs

At 04:29 PM 2/16/96 -0500, you wrote:

>As far as the working pressure is concerned, remember you are trying to
>avert disaster if a diaphagm blows. In this case  the Audi turbos will
>develop a boost pressure of about 30-35 PSI easily and this is all the
>switch needs to be set at. There will be large pressure pulses in the line
>so setting the pressure at 1-2 lbs over the max working pressure will cause

Your comment regarding the diaphagm blowing concerns me.  My '83 TQC's
wastegate diaphragm has cracks (holes) in it.  I haven't found a replacement
yet as I'm still getting conflicting information about whether the TQC
diaphagms are the same as the ones from the 5kt.  Should I be overly
concerned?  Your statement coupled with the second failure of the
differential lock switch in the dash (pressure line from the turbo boost
gauge pressurizes this system) makes me think I'm getting too much pressure.



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