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Re: Inquiry: Info on 4000Q+Turbo mod(long)

At 10:57 AM 2/17/96 -0600, you wrote:

>I have to make a choice on the turbo and manifold by late monday.
>Any advice would be most appreciated...

Max McDonald at AVS (360-748-8578) has done a few of these.  Andrew and Ken
Bennett in California (916-758-7325) have done some.  Ned Ritchie has done a
couple as well.  There are more of these out there than you might think.
I've posted information to the list about this before; you might check out
the archives.  All these I mention were complete turbo engine (and computer)
conversions, not just turbo bolt ons.

I spoke with one fellow that did the bolt on conversion.  He had very good
results with the 4kq fuel injection system and its increased compression and
displacement.  He lived in the sticks of Oregon, though where no emission
testing is done.  It sucked fuel and polluted but he had cheap power.  My
big concern would be longevity and full range performance.  I don't
recommend you just bolt on a turbo.  At the very least you'll need to splice
the turbo computer onto the 4kq wiring harness, and from all I've heard,
this is the most difficult and critical part of the whole conversion process.

Good luck.


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

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1982 TQC
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