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Inquiry: Info on 4000Q+Turbo mod(long)

   Greetings fellow quattro'ers(?)

     I am trying to make a decision on a project. 
The classic dream : Adding a turbo to the 4000q. 
I am looking for an big cubic inch type power band.
A lot of torque and subdued top end. 

According to this list and phone calls I have come across more than a few
references to completed turbo additions to a 4000q. As far as I can 
guestimate there are 4 in the Seattle  and Portland area . Ron Part's 
mentioned there are 5 in the Vancouver basin area.  

So it CAN be done. But no one seems to know personally the problems
encountered. Is there ANY one out there finished their project
or worse ,stuck in mid-project ?


1 86/Turbo/Auto - manifold/Turbo - $400 Cdn
Rebuild turbo locally                        $200
InterCooler                                      $? 
Labour for mounting manifold           $? 
and turbo on 10 year old studs
Plumbing for above ? mit oil lines      $?
Oil Cooler - Have already                 $0
Cam Timing Adj Wheel to tune
 power band -                                  $85 - US
Turbo auto cam                               ?
The suspension arm clearance problem ????????
Upgrade of suspension,brakes etc ? 
I have lots of cheap advice from this end of subdued 
confidence. (Canadian's)

 One of my advisors has a collection of creations
that are quite amazing. 

1 - the $1000 - 245Kmh Turbo Golf I - homebuilt turbo and salvaged car.
                      Crude and rude.
2.- CRX Si motor stuffed into a early series Honda CIvic. Fast till it met 
     a quick end with the ditch.
3.- A Suzuki Samari running gear spliced together with a Austin mini body.

     This guy has way too much confidence and time on his hands.....      

Anyway back to the point of the Audi... 

I have to make a choice on the turbo and manifold by late monday.
Any advice would be most appreciated...
Patrick  James                             86 4000q  - Year round fun.... 
pat.james@sasknet.sk.ca              82 Honda CX Turbo