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Re: Inquiry: Info on 4000Q+Turbo mod(long)

At 10:57 AM 2/17/96 -0600, you wrote:
>According to this list and phone calls I have come across more than a few
>references to completed turbo additions to a 4000q. As far as I can 
>guestimate there are 4 in the Seattle  and Portland area . Ron Part's 
>mentioned there are 5 in the Vancouver basin area.  
>So it CAN be done. But no one seems to know personally the problems
>encountered. Is there ANY one out there finished their project
>or worse ,stuck in mid-project ?
>1 86/Turbo/Auto - manifold/Turbo - $400 Cdn
>Rebuild turbo locally                        $200
>InterCooler                                      $? 
>Labour for mounting manifold           $? 
>and turbo on 10 year old studs
>Plumbing for above ? mit oil lines      $?
>Oil Cooler - Have already                 $0
>Cam Timing Adj Wheel to tune
> power band -                                  $85 - US
>Turbo auto cam                               ?
>The suspension arm clearance problem ????????
>Upgrade of suspension,brakes etc ? 

Remember, the turbo motor is specially built and lubricated (oil sprayers)
to take the extra grunt of the turbo.  A non-turbo motor may not hold up
well to that kind of abuse.  Additionally, you haven't mentioned the
wastegate...  The easiest way I can think of would be to get a complete
turbo car and start swapping parts.  There are a lot of controls/pieces,
parts that you'll need to do a decent job on this conversion.

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