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Mobil One 5W-50

I'm a brand new subscriber to the Quattro list and noticed the question
about Mobil-1.  As far as I know, Mobil offers only 3 grades of synthetic
engine oil in the U.S.; 5W-30, 10W-30, and 15W-50.  When it was first
introduced (early 70's?), I believe it was only available in 5W-20(!).  They
also make synthetic gear oil, synthetic grease,  and synthetic ATF (Dexron
III equivalent).

Mobil has a web site for Mobil-1 questions; maybe you could contact them for
more info:  http://www.mobil.com/mobil_1/faq.html.

I formerly owned a 1981-1/2 Coupe which I foolishly traded on a Ford Taurus
(ugh!) 9 years ago; I'm thinking seriously of buying a used 5000/100 soon.
Does anyone know of any good Audi sources near Charleston, SC?

Hugh Odom