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Re: AWS? Long time ago-anybody remember?

> I think I remember a few cars that  were available with 4WS (Porsche 
> 959, Honda Prelude, Nissan's Super HICAS cars...).  

959 had 4wd plus a vast array of other high tech items... but no 4ws

>It may (or may 
> not) be a boon to handling, 

there are two ways that the rear wheels can steer: in the same
direction as the fronts and in the opposite direction.

the former will theoretically aid turn in response, the latter will
aid in parking.. some of the systems (nissan, mitsu) only does same
direction steer, while honda and mazda went for both.

>but it's obviously unnecessary for basic 
> maneuvering, expensive, and probably too complicated for the general 
> public to appreciate.

same direction steer, as i mentioned, can be implemented to a certain
degree by "passive" means with flexible suspension bushings and a
matching suspension geometry.  right now it appears that this has a
higher benefit/cost ratio than active RWS.

opposite direction steer is probably not cost effective nor
appreciated.  after all, would anybody be willing to pay an extra
grand or so for a tighter turning circle?

>  However, I'd be surprised if there aren't still 
> some cars available with 4WS, if not in the US.

the latest prelude still retains both direction RWS, though i'm not
sure if they still import it to the US.  nissan still has HICAS
same direction RWS on the 300ZX and the Q45...  everybody else
has pretty much dropped out.