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>> Some of the Honda Prelude SI's had AWS.  Never heard how well it worked.
>> Their ads stressed how it improved parallel parking so go figure!
>I test drove Honda's 4WS Prelude when it was introduced. I also drove one
>about a month ago. I wasn't impressed then, and I wasn't impressed uh...
>then. In fact, I thought the 4WS Prelude was somewhat unnerving on the

Here in Oz we get 4ws Hondas Mazdas & Nissans. While they take a little
getting used to, they are a significant (if somewhat costly) improvement
over the 2ws variant of the same car.

If you want to experience the ultimate in 4ws find a Nissan GTR 4ws 4wd
twin Turbo, as much as I love my Audis, this car is awesome!

John Firkins