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Headlight washer departure on my 1990 Coupe Q

Recently, I noted that part of my headlight washers are missing on my
Coupe.  The flat plate that held the nozzles is missing (on both
headlights); the bases (rectangular bulges on the bumper) are still in

Ignoring the possibility of a vandal with a very strange sense of humor, my
best working theory is that, during the extreme cold (~10 degrees F) in
Seattle a few weeks ago, the fluid in the nozzles froze, and when I hit my
windshield washer, the plates with the blocked nozzle blew off under the
excess pressure.

The local Audi dealer (Barrier) only sells the entire headlight washer
assembly -- $115 per side (ouch).  They also claim that this part is
specific to the Coupe; so, the rarity of the Coupe (~1500 imported into the
States) makes it unlikely that I'll find this part in a junk yard.

So, I ask the list -- what other options do I have to replace the headlight

Then again, the headlight washers never seemed to do anything significant,
so I may just ignore their passing.

Thanks in advance,

John Allred (jallred@rtimeinc.com)
RTime Inc, Seattle, WA
"An election is nothing more than an advance auction of stolen goods." --
Ambrose Bierce