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<200> Good Luck!

Just decided I'd use a tag to alert you to the car in question...

Recent discussions (mainly by the Hon. Joe Yakubik) prompted me to 
call Crutchfield to check what it would take to put a good-but-
unused Sony DIN radio into my 1990-200 and replace the stinkin' Bose 
unit.  I've had the Sony available for over a year and haven't used 

Good news!  In my specific model, I'm advised that I need only a 
Power adapter ($29.95) and an Antenna adapter ($10).  No harness 

I'm happy to report that in a few models, this conversion may 
not be (dare I tempt fate und sprechen the words???...) too 
expensive. [OOOoooo, I'm gonna get it now.....]

Also thought it would be good to mention that antenna adapters are 
available to convert to a standard radio connection from the screwy 
Audi antenna connector.


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