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Climate control programmer


Being a Bentley-less person, I know I should have bought one a long time ago
but, I need some assistance in debugging a climate control problem.

My '86 5ks climate control 'programmer'(is this the right name), the unit in
the dash does not light up. The backlight works when the headlights are on but
the unit does not display anything or seem to do anything.

I have checked power any ground to the unit and that seems OK, but someone told
me in could be the climate control 'thing'(don't know the name) in the right
footwell that could be the problem.

What can I do?
Or better yet What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

Russell Kubycheck
'86 5ks  (My car)
'93 90cs (wife's car but it has a lot more horses!!!).

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