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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

>>I don't see how a CPU mod could help keep the turbo spinning.... Scott?
>Coupla ways: 1)ignition advance ....  2)look hard at how a WG freq valve
>works (vendors here.Stop)

So changing the ign advance (advance it or retard????) with the throttle
closed and little/no airflow will help to keep the turbo spinning?
Hmmmm..... The Ur-Qs do not have a WG freq valve, they are totally 100%
mechanical-primitive. What is the theory behind the WG freq valve approach
on the appropriate cars? Don't open the WG all the way?

>Regarding the Pressure feed to the intake side of the turbo.....  How much of
>that air actually spins the turbo is prolly insig, what you are allowing the
>turbo to do is to free spin as apposed to pressure braking the pressure

I folow you here.....

>When that bypass valve opens  the turbo is spinning full tilt,
>hardly think that pressured air will have any efffect on the turbo itself,
>and in fact prolly creates more turbulence than spin.....  


>Disconnect the
>intake side of the bypass valve to atmosphere (Like the ProRally guys) and
>you will understand my point, it's a freewheeling concept not a pressure

Gotchah. Would another way to state this be to "vent the compressor output
to the atmoshpere" Vs 'feeding back' into the compressor inlet? This would
be a lot easier for me to plumb.....no need to tap into the elbow at the
compressor inlet.....prolly get those big, impressive fharts too.....  :)   ?

>However, there is a reason, esp on mass air cars, why you want that a
>closed loop system.  Measured air is before that valve, so to dump it to
>atmosphere, you have mixed up the computers estimate of air in the system,
>not a good thing, race guys could care less, most run a full rich system
>anyhow, with no lambda.....  With CIS, since the air is "metered" not Mass,
>it's not AS critical, but you can get a rich spike at the motor.

Kin I really get away with this on the CIS Ur-Q? Would the kitty have to
take a long walk?

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