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Re: 'no-fault' pileup?

Sounds like you and TOM (The Old Man) were all lucky! The fact that he was
old was no excuse for his poor judgement in coming to a stop and then
cutting across multiple lanes (yeah, cruel -- I know). If everyone were not
following too closely then the 6-car pileup might have been avoided. I do
understand how everyone bunches-up in traffic to prevent cut-offs, etc, but
hey, that's *still* following too closely for conditions and is not an
excuse for doing so. The cop gave you all a break! This is the type of
poor-judgement situation that should result in TOM's license being yanked,
IMFO, but, now it will never happen and we'll all have to wait for another
incident or a fatal to get him off the road.....            :(

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pursuit of justice is no virtue."

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