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87 4000CSQ For Sale

I got a little more information about this car which I posted the other 
day..  Talked to the owner. They are quattro lovers, but not computer 
owners, so he did not know about this list.  This is his third quattro, 
just purchased an A4Q, sold his 89 200TQW to his dad, and this 87 
4000CSQ.  He has fixed/replaced the following:

1.  Drivers seat leather was getting worn; had this replaced
2.  Some dings, molding strips wear; replaced molding strips put on
    body compounded, buffed and touched up.
3.  New brakes/struts/rocker arm/all new hoses
4.  new differencial/wheel bearings.  He was hearing a noise from the
    rear, had the wheel bearings replaced and still had noise until he
    replaced the rear end.
5.  New free flow performance muffler
6.  says its in virtually perfect condition
7.  Origional owner
8.  Currently not driving it much since the A4Q purchase

He happended to have called at a bad time so I did not get much time to 
talk, and did not ask the manufacturer of the struts and muffler.  He 
realizes the price is high, but of course claims in the last 1 1/2 year 
has paid the Audi Gods 4-5K. We can relate to that. His name is Jay if 
anybody is interested, again he is at 910-945-4614.

89 200tq