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89 200 tq for sale, maybe?

Greetings yall!

I am thinking about looking at an 89 200tqw with 65K and they are 
asking $12,500.  I think that's a bit high, can anybody share NADA 
prices to confirm or deny that.  I called my bank/credit union and they 
say black book value is $11,300. My experience has shown black book to 
be different from the yellow NADA.  Kelly Blue Book seems to be a joke.

If I get serious about this vechile, then I would need to sell my 
beloved 89 200tq.  I have three kids and the wagon would be a nice 
addition.  Otherwise that's the only reason.  Here is the information 
and if anybody is interested let me know.  That will give me an 
indication of if I should actively pursue the wagon in my local market. 

89 200tq
red/grey interior
5 speed - aren't they all?
Dunlop D60A2 about one yer old, approximately 15K on them
New PS rack
New "bomb" - pressure accumulator
I am the third owner, have talked to the previous owner, only good 
things; and had the origional owners dealer verbally provide its first 
three years service, only had basic scheduled maintance done.
This is just off the top of my head, can provide more details if there 
is interest. 
Asking $9000

work still to be done - could fix regarless of selling or not selling

Both rear windows not working - dealer & independent shop say regulator
OK, heated seat bulbs burned out - big deal!
RF door lock - not diagnosed yet, but system only locks that door
fuel pump just started buzzing

Let me know if your interested.

89 200tq