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Low beams not working - HELP!`

Attention all electrical experts!  Yesterday my low beams stopped 
working.  Here is the recent history and tell me if there are any 
relations to what I have had done on the lights to have caused this and 
any suggestions on what the shop could check before replacing the 
switch.  This is detailed since I don't want to leave out anything.  

Purchased 55/100  WITH harness for Audi from Competition Limited.  I 
put just the bulbs in over the weekend a few weeks ago, did not use 
highbeams for any extended time, except twice (only on for a few 
seconds, just to check their strength) since I was warned about the 
voltage situation with stock wiring/headlight switch. Same day went to 
Pep Boys and installed 50W Halogen back up lights. On Monday, had 
independent shop install the harness. everything worked fine.  One week 
goes by and I notice one license plate burned out.  Took the good bulb, 
put it in the socket of the burned to see if its the bulb or bulb 
housing.  (it was hard to see if the element was broken, its so fine).  
Well, that second license bulb burned out after putting it in the 
socket.  Went to independent shop, got two new license plate bulbs, put 
in, they work fine, no problem.  Well about 1-2 days later (yesterday) 
the Mrs. says my low beams are not working.  Last night I turn on/off 
light switch about a dozen times and the low beams work.  Little later 
go to the store and while driving in the neighborhood, turn off lights, 
turn back on, low beams don't work.  Do it again, they work.  This 
morning, I wake up, they don't work and have not worked at all today 
after many attempts.

Took car to independent shop.  They took ohm meter and checked the 
relay in the new harness, no voltage.  Then he checks the relief relay 
and swaps out with a new one.  Low beams still not working.  Took out 
license plate bulbs and low beams still dont work. He says the only 
other thing to do it disassemble steering wheel column and check to see 
if switch is bad or there is no voltage coming/going to switch (excuse 
my ignorance if that phrase doesn't make sense!)  I am trying to avoid 
a new switch, but car has 113,000 and me thinks it the origional 

Can the 50w hallogen or situation with license plate bulb be playing a 
role?  I recall postings about those damn license plate bulbs playing a 
bigger role in the electrical system that many think.  Is there another 
step I can have the shop do?  Again, I did put highbeams on for just a 
second, but only did it twice and that was a week prior to this current 
situation. To recap: low beams not working while high beams and all the 
other lights are working. Appreciate any comments, I'll be forever 


89 200tq