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Fried connection/no low beam - update

This update on my no low beam situation brings me to ask some 
questions.  The problem for my no low beams was a fried low beam wire 
(the yellow one) going into the headlight switch.  I ordered a new 
headlight switch from Linda@Carlson, got it installed but found that 
the yellow wire connection into the housing which connects to the 
headlight switch is loose. If you play with the wire the low beams come 
on/go off.  After looking at the wire closely, the metal connection and 
housing for that wire was melted a bit.

So, my questions are:

1.  How does one check to see if the origional headlight switch is 
still good and its just a matter of putting a new connection on the 
yellow low beam wire?
2.  Or since the metal connection to the yellow low beam wire and the 
plastic housing it is inserted into were melted a bit and my low beams 
don't work, is it a no brainer that the overload made my headlight 
switch bad?
3.  If my headlight switch is still good, could this situation make it 
weaker and its best to keep the one I ordered and put it in?

Thanks to all who replied to my origional post, it really helped me.  

89 200tq