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'91 200TQW in SF ..

	For those of you who are looking, here's an ad from today's
	SF Chronicle:

	AUDI '91 200 Quatro [sic] Wgn- Rare! Lo lo mi, 20V eng, loaded, airbag, 
	ABS, pearl wht/blk lthr.  #03660. $19,900 dlr 415-454-7000 

	Two weeks ago, I'd have considered this car seriously!  I'd be happy
	to call and check it out if anyone's interested.


	'91 200TQ, bone stock, 38K mi.
	'85 5KT, Charlie Smith spring, 119K mi.
Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804